Dublin travel guide

Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland. Much smaller than most of its European counterparts, it is also friendlier. If you have not yet heard about 'the craic', a trip to Dublin will soon fix this. Also known as Fair City, Dublin is an ideal destination.
There is plenty to see in Dublin, from the stunning Book of Kells at the Old Library of Trinity College, to traditional live music sessions in cosy authentic Irish pubs.  Check out our section on What to do in Dublin to find out more on interesting sights and activities in the city.

But Dublin is also the name of the county and there is plenty more to do outside the city walls. The great outdoor is not far, with Dublin mountains to the South and the Irish sea to East. Harbours and marinas, parks and gardens, hills and beaches, they are all around you, refreshed by a bit of Irish Sea breeze.

As one would expect, the history of Dublin is inextricably linked to the political history of Ireland. This history, as sad and violent as it may have been, does not seem to have ever altered the good nature of Dubliners. If Dublin keeps getting voted as the friendliest city in Europe, this is probably because its people are a friendly bunch.

James Joyce, Sir Arthur Guinness, Colin Farrell, Samuel Beckett, Gulliver, The Dubliners, Bob Geldof, Brian O'Driscoll, Pádraig Harrington, The Commitments, Stephen Roche, Sinéad O'Connor, U2… These are just a few of them!

So if you are planning to come and visit Ireland, come to Dublin. Its many airline connections make it an easy option for an escape weekend, as well as an ideal base for a longer tourist visit in Ireland.

If your plan is to visit the country you can hire a car in Dublin Airport and travel around the island, just remember than in Ireland you must drive on the left side of the road.

O'connel Street, Dublin

Temple Bar, Dublin

Molly Malone statue in Dublin

The river Liffey, Dublin

Malahide Castle, Co. Dublin

Celtic building Kerry

Irish food and goods

Christmas in Grafton Street