Weather in Ireland

The weather of Ireland is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean which avoids temperatures to be too extreme with an average temperature throughout the year around 9ºC.

Irish winters are cold but not too cold, with an average temperature around 3ºC and occasional strong winds. However temperature rarely falls below 0ºC. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Ireland was  -19 ºC in County Sligo. December is usually the month with less sunshine.

Rain is frequent in Ireland with around 150 -200 days of rain throughout the year. Although rains are not usually strong.

The best time to travel to Ireland is probably in Spring and Summer since the sunniest months are May and June.

Summers are reasonably warm with average temperatures around 20ºC. The highest temperature recorded in Ireland was 33 ºC

Check the official Irish weather website for an updated weather forecast:  Met Eirean

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Weather forecast in Dublin, Ireland


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